Choosing a Medigap Policy 2016A medicare card. Medicare supplement plans When you have Original Medicare and add a Medicare Supplement, you can see whatever doctor you want to in the entire country! There is no referral or network needed, as long as they accept Medicare.

Medicare Supplement plans are standardized and named with letters A through N. They cover the coinsurance, deductibles, and other services not covered by Original Medicare, depending on the Plan you choose (as seen below). Because these Plans are standardized, there is no reason to pay more for any one company’s Medicare Supplement Plan over another’s.  They are identical, by law.

Here is a table of the 11 available Medicare Supplement plans (also known as Medigap).

Medicare supplement plans and their benefits:



The most popular Medicare Supplement plans are F, followed by C. They pay the Medicare Part A (Hospital) deductible of $1,316; the annual Part B (Medical) deductible of $183; and the 20 % Part B coinsurance. With these supplemental plans you pay virtually nothing for medical services, beyond your premiums.

Here is the full text of Choosing a Medigap Policy published by Medicare: Choosing a Medigap Policy 2016