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As an independent agent, I don’t work for any insurance company—I work for you! Here’s what you should know about me:

  • My help is always completely free to you. When you choose Medicare coverage, the insurer pays my expenses through commissions.
  • I don’t work for an insurance company, or for anyone else. My only responsibility is to find you the plan that best suits your needs and budget.
  • I am an expert in Colorado healthcare. A Colorado native and lifelong resident, I worked in my husband’s medical office for 21 years before becoming a Medicare broker. I understand our healthcare system inside and out, and I can definitely save you money and headaches with your Medicare.

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Client References

“Before turning 65 I received all kinds of promotional literature regarding the “best” Medicare provider. I received Arla’s introductory letter, it stood out from all the rest. I had the sense this was from someone who truly cared about getting me the best provider for my particular situation. Arla turned out to be just that, she has provided exceptional service to me. I highly recommend her!”
Linn – Conifer, Colorado

“Arla made my choice for a Medicare Supplement very easy. I had a few question and she answered everything. If she didn’t know, she researched until she found the right answers. When my supplement first started, there was a little mix up with my payment schedule, she helped get it fixed. The medicare supplement that I now have is terrific and it’s because of Arla.”
Sue – Frederick, Colorado

“As I was getting ready to turn 65 I started to look into Medicare and supplemental insurance plans. I had been bombarded with a lot of mail, cards, e-mail and phone calls. This was from various providers of various plans and programs. I replied to perhaps 6 or 7. Everyone responded to my request for more information with brochures and advertising. I work in IT and understand computers however being smart in that area does not equip me for dealing with claims from insurance agents and their advertising. Arla struck me as straight forward, uncomplicated and sincere. I gave her and two others more complete information. Arla was the only potential agent who did not make me feel pressured. She provided timely and insightful information. We spoke on the phone several times as she clarified my needs and focused her efforts.”

“She has been a delightful person with who to deal and I’ve enjoyed the process of working with her. Even after-the-sale, she has provided additional information and assistance cheerfully spend the time needed to fully answer my questions.”

“Arla is very pleasant, concerned and reachable. A potential client would do themselves a great favor by spending time considering and working with Arla.”
Ray – Parker, Colorado

“Arla really simplified the decision on what medicare supplement plan to choose. Right before turning Medicare age you are sent hundreds of brochures and proposals. All of them want you to sign up with their company and each have differences. She will make this decision with you based on your medical history. She will eliminate the confusion and save you hours of time spent reading material you won’t understand. She will answer all of you questions promptly and courteously. I highly recommend her and will use her from now on.”
D. West – Greeley, Colorado

“Deciding on a supplemental Medicare plan and company is a very arduous endeavor. I have found Arla to be very knowledgeable and helpful in making this decision. As coverage and costs change annually, I truly believe Arla is looking out for what is best for me. I highly recommend her services.”
Ed – Fort Collins, Colorado

Contact me directly for Medicare advice:

(970) 482-3966